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North West Engine Centre offer a variety of repair and mechanical work, with almost all of our services carried out by our team of experienced technicians and mechanics in our specially designed workshop. If you’d like to learn more about our specialisms, browse from the headings below or contact us directly to speak to a member of the NWEC team

Seized Engine Repairs Oldham

Seized Engine Repairs

A seized engine may be due to a variety of faults – from a lack of oil to rusty pistons – but it’s one of the toughest issues to fix, as they can result in extensive damages. Our technicians and mechanics can disassemble your engine and diagnose the problem to help you get back on the road with the minimum of fuss.

We offer comprehensive seized engine repair services and will do our best to restore your engine to working order after seizing. However, some cases of engine seizure are so severe that it can be cheaper to buy a new engine/vehicle than repair it, so please bear this in mind when requesting Seized Engine Repair services from
North West Engine Centre.

Engine Supply Services

If you’re struggling to get a hold of the parts you need or a reliable engine, we can help you find what you need at a reasonable price. We can source, recondition and replace a wide variety of parts and components from all the major brands and a large selection of specialists.

We also provide installation and removal services, so you can have a part/engine delivered to you, collected from our workshop and/or have a part installed to professional standards. If you’re looking for a new engine part, a whole new engine or expert installation services, contact us today.

Engine Supply Services England
Engine Rebuild Service

Engine Rebuilds

A lot can happen to your engine over the years and sometimes it’s better to have it rebuilt than repaired. Our technicians and mechanics will work hard to rebuild your engine to be as good as (or better than) new for a competitive price.

Depending on the make, model and condition of your engine, work required, and price quotations may vary greatly between examples, but our technicians and mechanics will do their best to rebuild your engine to professional standards. If you’re interested in our Engine Rebuild services, please contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements today.

Full Kit Packages

(turn key solution)

For bespoke full kit packages, please speak to a member of our team today. As the requirements can vary dramatically between make, model and desired features we recommend you speak to us before getting any preconceptions about the process.

Bespoke Full Kit Packages
Reconditioned Engines

Reconditioned Engines

If your engine is feeling a little past its best, we can recondition the engine to make it as good as (or maybe better than) new. Whether you need a new head gasket or want your engine reconditioned from the intake to the carburetors,
North West Engine Centre is the place to go.

Though we do not offer a one-size-fits-all reconditioning service, all our projects start with the disassembly, cleaning and evaluation of your engine. After that, we assess the components, bring them to an acceptable standard or replace where necessary. To learn more about our Engine Reconditioning services, please contact a member of our team today.

Engine Replacements

If your engine is beyond repair or you just want a newer model in your vehicle, we can source and install high-quality replacement engines for you. We stock engines from all the major brands and can take care of the entire installation, from removal of the old engine to setting everything up.

Whether you want a like-for-like replacement or upgrade of your existing engine, we will do our best to source your desired engine and/or recommend better alternatives. If you’d like to learn more about our engine stocks, place an order or book an engine installation, contact a member of our team today.

Engine Replacements
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